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Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 343: I'll cook at home and wait for you

Number One Zombie Wife《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi
Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 343: I'll cook at home and wait for you

Lu Lin didn't know why Zhan Bei Tian asked him about this, so he said honestly, “If Zheng Jia Ming is like Mu Yi Fan and won't hurt the people in our city, it's not impossible to let him come in and reunite with his family. Besides, boss needs him to do research, and he doesn't ask too much in his conditions. If the research is successful, he will become human again and truly integrate with us."

Speaking of this, Lu Lin's voice softened: “And Dr. Zheng, who has been looking forward to meeting his son for a year, now that Zheng Jia Ming is outside the city, he can only look at Zheng Jia Ming across a big river, or talk across a river. To see such a scene it’s just sad."

Zheng Jia Ming came to their door the day after they came back from the Zanglong Mountain. However, their boss did not allow Zheng Jia Ming and Zhuang Zi Yue to enter the Shui city, and even said that they would be killed as soon as they stepped into the Shui city.

“If boss is concerned that they used to be the subordinates of Second Young Master Zhan and worried that he would be harmful to the people in the city, then there is no need to let them in."

To be honest, he also cared about the fact that Zheng Jia Ming and Zhuang Zi Yue were once under Zhan Nan Tian’s control. He didn't know how many humans they ate or how many powers they killed after they became zombies. Therefore, even if he killed Zheng Jia Ming and Zhuang Zi Yue, they didn't think it was inappropriate.

However, if they are still worried about these things, and if the drug research is successful in the future, how will those zombies who have eaten human beings face them when they become human beings?

Do human beings need have to be divided into two groups? Is it necessary for them to study the medicine again if they are just going to persecute the humans who were once zombies? It's better to kill them while they are zombies and have no self-consciousness. After they are saved, they would be regarded as the thorn in the eye and the thorn in the flesh. The both sides will lose.

Therefore, if they really want to study the drugs to make zombies return to human beings, they must first put down the things that zombies used to eat people. Moreover, many zombies are helpless about it and were unconsciously enemies of human beings.

Of course, these are just his personal thoughts. As for how his boss thought, he doesn't know.

After a minute or so, Lu Lin heard Zhan Bei Tian’s voice coming out of his mobile phone: “Wait until I get to the north gate."

Mu Yi Fan saw that Zhan Bei Tian hung up, didn't ask him what he was going to do next, and wouldn't interfere with what Zhan Bei Tian would do next. After all, Zhuang Zi Yue and Zheng Jia Ming were Zhan Bei Tian’s enemies in their last lives, so he couldn't ignore Zhan Bei Tian's feelings about it and ask Zhan Bei Tian to let them go.

Zhan Bei Tian also didn't speak out, and started the car to the north gate.

As soon as the car stopped, Zheng Guo Zong shouted, “Jia Ming, I'm going to have lunch. I'll see you later."

Then, a faint voice of Zheng Jia Ming's promise coming from the opposite side of the river.

“Dr. Zheng, you've been shouting for two days. Don't you have a scratchy throat by now?" the survivor who was working on the bridge smiled at him.

Dr. Zheng said: “It's also fun to chat with my son across a river. In a word, when I see him safe, I feel happy. When I feel happy, I don't feel uncomfortable."

“Also, it's a kind of happiness now that relatives can live with their own relatives peacefully. Others are nothing."

Zheng Guo Zong smiled: “I'm not going to tell you. I'll go back to dinner and come to chat with you after dinner."

When he walked into the north gate, he saw Mu Yi Fan coming down from the car. He was stunned and quickly trotted over: “Mu-Mu, Mu-Mu."

Mu Yi Fan ran happily to Zheng Guo Zong: "Quack doctor."

Zheng Guo Zong worried and said: “I heard that your arm has been cut off, are you okay?"

He looked at Mu Yi Fan's two arms in time, only to find that they were still attached on Mu Yi Fan's body: “What's the matter? Your arm looks all right. Chen Hao, why did he and the others say you have no right arm? "

“Not before, but now it's growing again."

Zheng Guo Zong stare big eyes: “That's amazing?"

“Yes." Mu Yi Fan put out his right hand: “Look, is my right arm whiter than my left? Is the skin softer than the left? "

Zheng Guo Zong a closer look, it's really the same as Mu Yi Fan said, and the right arm is indeed white and tender than the left.

“Dr. Zheng.” Zhan Bei Tian stepped forward and gave him a greeting.

“Major General Zhan."

After greeting Zhan Bei Tian with a smile, Zheng Guo Zong did not plead to Zhan Bei Tian to let his son come in to reunite with him, but asked, “Are you here to inspect?"

He knew what his son had done, so he would not ask Zhan Bei Tian to let his son come in and reunite with him, so as not to cause panic to other people and upset the survivors in the Shui city.

Now he can talk to his son across the river. He is content to as long as he get to see his son safe and sound.

Zhan Bei Tian did not answer.

At this time, Lu Lin ran over: “Boss."

Zhan Bei Tian said, “Find a power of wind power and bring them here."


Zheng Guo Zong was shocked: “Major General Zhan, are you going to let them stay in Shui city?"

“I just want them to stay in Shui city as the subject to anti-virus research." Zhan Bei Tian said in a low voice

“This... This...”

Zheng Guo Zong didn't know what to say. From the standpoint of his father, he naturally didn't want his son to go back to the end of the world and be locked up in the research institute like a mouse for research. What father would like to see his son suffer?

But if he stands in the position as a doctor, he hoped his son can cooperate with the research team to develop drugs and save other zombies. Moreover, his son will become a human being and live with him.

Mu Yi Fan saw Zheng Guo Zong's dilemma, patted him on the shoulder and comforted him, “Let Jia Ming choose for himself."

Zheng Guo Zong nodded, walked quickly to the north gate, saw a wind power who went and took Zheng Jia Ming and Zhuang Zi Yue to the Shui city.

“Jia Ming." He ran up excitedly and hugged his son.

Zheng Jia Ming didn't see his father for a year, and hugged Zheng Guo Zong and screamed excitedly: “Dad."

Zheng Guo Zong’s eyes were moist, his hoarse voice said: “You seem to look thin."

Zheng Jia Ming was a little confused. How could the zombie be thin? But he didn't refute his words.

Zhuang Zi Yue in the wheelchair saw Mu Yi Fan, scoffed, turned his head and didn't look at Mu Yi Fan, leaving him at a loss to say something to Mu Yi Fan.

Zhan Bei Tian looked at Mu Yi Fan, and spoke with a cold voice: "Zheng Jia Ming."

Zheng Jia Ming heard Zhan Bei Tian call him, slowly sent Zheng Guo Zong away, and walked to Zhan Bei Tian: “Major General Zhan."

He could see that Zhan Bei Tian didn't welcome them and that Zhan Bei Tian was hostile to them, but he said, “Thank you, Major General Zhan, for giving us a chance."

Zhan Bei Tian narrowed his eyes: “I agree with your conditions, but you must be safe in the Shui city. If I find you do anything that constitute an abnormal behavior, don't blame me for killing you directly."

Zheng Guo Zong wiped his eyes and said quickly, “Major General Zhan, I will take good care of him and won't let him come here in disorder."

Zheng Jia Ming said. “If you're not sure, Major General Zhan can assign someone to watch me."

Zhan Bei Tian turned to Lu Lin and said, “Take them to the research institute first."

Zheng Jia Ming said quickly. “I hope that Major General Zhan can now heal limbs for Zi Yue."

Mu Yi Fan looked back at Zhuang Zi Yue: “Isn't Zi Yue's limbs attached to him? How can I have treatment for them? "

Zheng Jia Ming explained, “They can't be attached with permanence. When they are attached, they will fall down from time to time."

Zhan Bei Tian looked around Zheng Jia Ming and Zhuang Zi Yue: “If you do well these days, I will find someone to connect him."

Zhuang Zi Yue quickly raised his eyebrows and opened his mouth. It seemed that he was against it. But after a look at Zheng Jia Ming, he closed his mouth again and didn't speak.


Zheng Jia Ming has no opinion, he turned to Zheng Guo Zong and said, “Dad, I have agreed with Major General that we will have the same work time as researchers in the future. We will come back to eat with you as long as researchers get off work."

Zheng Guo Zong nodded and said, “I'll cook at home and wait for you."


Zheng Jia Ming picked up Zhuang Zi Yue from the wheelchair and took him to Lu Lin car. It seemed that Zhuang Zi Yue was in pain, so he puts him on the seat lightly.

Zheng Guo Zong got on the bus together and went to the research institute with Lu Lin.

It wasn't until they left that Zhan Bei Tian looked back.

Mu Yi Fan asked, “Won’t you get someone to watch Zheng Jia Ming?"

Of course, he doesn't believe in Zheng Jia Ming, but it's just strange that Zhan Bei Tian won't send people to monitor Zheng Jia Ming.

Zhan Bei Tian said: "Zheng Jia Ming's father is here, just because this, he won't mess around. Besides, in order to get Zhuang Zi Yue's limbs attached, even if the researchers will torture him to death, he won't leave."

Mu Yi Fan asked, “Do you mean he will sacrifice himself for Zhuang Zi Yue?"

Seeing Zhan Bei Tian's default silence meaning there was some truth in the words, his eyes widened: “No way, Zhuang Zi Yue killed Zheng Jia Ming's mother. Zheng Jia Ming hates him deeply. How could he die for Zhuang Zi Yue, and why would he want to die for Zhuang Zi Yue? Are you mistaken? "

Zhan Bei Tian looked at his disbelieving face and smirked: “Dull head."

If it had been in his last life, he might not have seen anything, but after meeting Mu Yi Fan, he became very sensitive to the relationship between men.

Just like between Zheng Jia Ming and Zhuang Zi Yue, Zheng Jia Ming obviously has different feelings towards Zhuang Zi Yue, otherwise, he will not only let go of its previous hatred and take care of Zhuang Zi Yue so well. In order to connect Zhuang Zi Yue's hands and feet, he was willing to be the research object of others.

“Why am I a dull head?" Mu Yi Fan didn’t understand how Zhan Bei Tian suddenly mentioned these two words.

Zhan Bei Tian didn't explain either, and took Mu Yi Fan to the 20 meter high observation platform and sat down.

Mu Yi Fan looked at the calm river and said with a smile, “I don't know if it's because the relationship between Zhan Nan Tian has been solved. Now it's like returning back to the end of the world. It's peaceful. I hope that there won't be anything like Zhan Nan Tian again in the future. I also hope that they can find out the medicine as soon as possible, so that all the zombies can turn back to human beings."

He put his head on Zhan Bei Tian's shoulder: “I will grow white hair only when I become a human being. I will grow old with you. When we grow old, I will come here every day to watch the sunrise and sunset. If Qin Tian gets married and has children, we can bring our grandchildren here."

Mu Yi Fan thought of the warm scene, his mouth had a light smile, he slowly closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling of the breeze on his face, making him feel very comfortable.

“Yes." Zhan Bei Tian who was also rarely in a good mood. The smile on the corner of his mouth never fell at this moment. After being silent for a while, he said, “Mu-Mu, after we straighten up the Shui city, shall we get married?"

For a while, I didn't wait for Mu Yi Fan to respond.

He looked down and found that Mu Yi Fan was asleep.

Zhan Bei Tian couldn't help laughing: “This silly one."

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